Welcome to Goodwin Creek Gardens



Goodwin Creek Gardens is now under new ownership!! We are working through this transition and are in the process of updating inventory, improving current practices, and fulfilling the many orders we currently have. As we work on fulfilling orders for our current customers, we are looking forward to servicing our new costumers. Continue to check back in with us, as we will be updating our plant selection in the coming weeks.  We have a lot of exciting plans for Goodwin Creek Gardens and we appreciate your patience and support during this transition.


TEL: (541) 846-7357


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We are proud to have provided our customers with high quality plants, grown in an environmentally friendly manner, for nearly 40 years. Growing organically and growing quality plants is important to us.  No GMOs, no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, no sewage sludge.  Just a great selection of healthy plants grown the right way. Lavenders (currently 101 varieties), culinary and medicinal herbs, milkweeds and lots more.  Visit our nursery.  Check our website and Facebook page for other upcoming events.