We have always been green, but now we are just a little bit greener. As of January, 2015, we will no longer be printing a catalog. We have attached a PDF file of our latest catalog which you can download to your computer, save to a disc, or print out either in its entirety or by just a few pages. There is also an order blank which you can fill out and mail with payment.

We apologize to those customers to whom this is an inconvience. However, at this point, almost all of our orders come via our website and it seems too wasteful to continue to print and mail a catalog. We hope that  those without internet access can still use our website at a local library or with the help of a friend.

You are welcome to call us and ask if particular plants are available. We welcome any other suggestions that would allow us to further help you in placing an order.

Goodwin Creek Gardens Catalog

Goodwin Creek Gardens Order Form