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All lavenders, oreganos and thymes are good nectar plants. For more information, see the articles under the Gardening Info heading, including "Milkweeds", "Butterfly Nectar Plants", and "Butterfly Gardens".
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- Achillea 'Feuerland' (yarrow 'Feuerland')
Achillea 'Feuerland' (yarrow 'Feuerland')
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- Achillea 'Lachsschoenheit' (yarrow Salmon Beauty')
Achillea 'Lachsschoenheit' (yarrow Salmon Beauty')
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- Achillea 'Lilac Beauty' (yarrow 'Lilac Beauty')
Achillea 'Lilac Beauty' (yarrow 'Lilac Beauty')
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- Achillea 'Terracotta' (yarrow 'Terracota')
Achillea 'Terracotta' (yarrow 'Terracota')
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- Agastache foeniculum (anise hyssop)
Agastache foeniculum (anise hyssop)
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Allium flavum - Yellow Flowered Garlic
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