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- Allium cepa (Egyptian onion)

Clumps of bulblets are produced at the tops of long stalks. These root themselves when the stalks fall, and so the offspring "walk" away from their parent plant. These are very ornamental, and children find them fun to grow. Good culinary as well. 

Onions can be grown from seed, small bulbs, or transplants.

Soil should be loose, rich and well-drained. They are shallow rooted and need moisture near the surface. Feed these plants regularly, especially early in the season. 


Herbaceous  perennial 

Height and Width: 2'x1'

Zone: 5-9 

Full Sun

Regular water



 Most plants are shipped in 2 3/8” square, by 3 ¾” deep “band pots”. Plant size varies by species and shipping date but will be well rooted and ready to plant.

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